Report : Traffic light status report 13/05/2021 01:40:31
Section Name Number of items
Amber 1 Amber 1  40
Amber 2 Amber 2  63
Red Red  104
RedRed RedRed  89
Unknown Unknown  3455
Green Green  26
Kettering General Hospital

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Amber 1 "Amber 1" - These are medicines that require significant monitoring and the decision to treat with an AMBER medicine should be made by specialists only  
 Amber 2 "Amber 2" - These are medicines that require little or no monitoring by the GP, but should only be prescribed in general practice after they have been recommended following specialist referral.  
 Red "Red" - Secondary care only  
 RedRed "Double Red" - NOT recommended for prescribing in either primary or secondary care  
 Grey Traffic light status to be confirmed  
 Green May be prescribed in primary and secondary care