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The aim of the formulary is to promote safe, rational and cost-effective prescribing. The content is overseen by the New Medicines Group, which is made up of clinicians and pharmacists from both primary and secondary care. Decisions to include specific agents are based on the available published evidence as well as local consultant and GP opinion.

From here you can search for fast access to information by drug name, class or condition, view by BNF section, see the recent changes or download the formulary to a PDA.

First and second line choices are indicated where applicable. Restricted choices are those restricted to specific prescribers e.g. specialist initiation or to a specialist condition or to the county’s ‘Traffic Lights’ prescribing system.

Drugs not mentioned are either non-formulary or highly specialised use only.

All drugs recommended by a NICE technology appraisal are available within Kettering General Hospital as a treatment option for the disease or condition covered if the relevant service is offered at KGH and if the patient meets the clinical criteria set out in the guidance.

The formulary also provides links to local and national guidelines under each BNF section. Some local guidelines may only be accessible internally (indicated by 'KGH only').

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the Medicines Information Department on 01536 493788 (Internal extension 3788) or via email to

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